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Boost Leads with the Twitter Bot for Auto-Posts and Auto-Replies

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  • Reduce personnel costs
  • Improve coverage efficiency
  • Increase work efficiency
Boost Leads with the Twitter Bot for Auto-Posts and Auto-Replies

How To Use

What ShillBot Can Do?

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Auto-Reply, Auto-Mention,
Auto-Reach Specific Users

Smartly targeting your ideal users, ShillBot automatically replies, mentions, and reaches specific users through keywords/posts within seconds and significantly increases engagement up to thousands of accounts.

Auto-Search Specific Users

Based on keywords and account status, ShillBot can continuously search for your ideal user without any manual intervention. While you are engaged in more important tasks, our ShillBot works 24/7 without breaks to attract leads for you.

Auto-Search Specific Users
Centralize The Operation Of All Accounts

Centralize The Operation Of All Accounts

In a single platform, manage hundreds or thousands of accounts. Edit profiles, execute bulk follow/post/repost actions, and handle all account notifications and messages.

Why Should You Use ShillBot?

Reduce Personnel Costs

Reduce Personnel Costs

Consider this: Originally requiring a team of 3 marketing personnel, ShillBot has streamlined operations, now efficiently managed by just 1 person.

Reduce Personnel Costs

Improve Coverage Efficiency

Manually can not cover many targets that require shilling and time-consuming. With ShillBot's Keyword Task and User Searcher features, you can easily reach all your targets without any hassle.

Reduce Personnel Costs

Increase Work Efficiency

Boost your productivity by specifying keywords and shill content - ShillBot handles the rest. Free up your time for other essential tasks with streamlined automation.

Don't waste time manually

Let ShillBot bloom your Leads!

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